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Country: You choose any available country to play with (check out the country page)

General Information

That Sounds Good is a mp3-file online contest, we only accept songs in mp3 quality.
If you picked a country to take part, you need to play it at least for 3 editions to change it, so pick carefully.

TSG tries to make a different to other online contests with a new idea to organize this competition.
Please read the rules carefully and if you like the idea - don't hesitate to contact us.



§1 The artist must born in this country, has citizenship of that country you play or must lives there since 5 years. The roots of parents aren't important and have no effects.

§2 If you pick a group, duo or band, at least 50% of the members have to be from that country.
§3 It's not allowed to borrow singers etc. from other countries, so be care about your country.
§4 One artist, band etc. can take part only one time in the year. Same for artists which can participe for several countries.

§5 You can't change your song if you sent an other first.



§1 Songs must have been released after 2016 (01.01.2016). Important is the release of his|her|their EP, single or album. It counts the first date of release because in some countries the releases of one
EP, single or album is different to other countries.
§2  In the year 2017 you can only send songs of that year and 2016 for your country. In 2017 you can only send in songs of that year and 2016.
§3 Your tune can't be longer than 8 minutes.
§4 ESC, JESC are not allowed to take part. You can pick national final songs but you can only choose them after the winner of the NF is already picked. ( You can't send the winner of this NF.)
§5 Covers and Remixes are allowed but only of songs that never take part in TSG before.
§6 You can send all languages and all genre you want.
Traditionally, culturally and creative songs are more than welcome. Make a different, amaze us with your taste of music!



§1 You can only take part with one country, please be fair - it's only a game. We'll check all IP-adress and we'll banish all cheaters without a warning.

§2 One TSG edition for one month. So we've 12 seasons in a year.
§3 After collecting songs, TSG will publish a download link and you are able to get the participating songs.


§1 You need to vote in ESC style (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12 for the best song)
§2 All members have to vote in semi final (need 35 players) and final or you can't take part next edition. If you can't vote because of any problems, you can contact me and you'll get no punishment.

§3 Send in your votes via E-Mail:

Semi Finals

§1 With more as 34 members TSG will create semi finals. Last Winner is automatically in final. Also the the places 2 to 5 are directly in final.
§2 You can't change your country when you were in the TOP5 of the last edition.
§3 Semi finalists need only to vote in their own semi final.
§4 The winner will vote in both semi finals. The rest of the TOP5 will split and vote in seperat semi finals.


§1 The winner can pick the next host(s), venue and city for the next edition.





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